Further training – Please not standard

You are certainly familiar enough with standard training courses. You want further education and training you can “touch”? Do you finally want solutions and not to waste a lot of time on unnecessary things?

My knowledge from numerous trainings shows that standard solutions are of no value and short-term trainings are usually only remembered for a short time. That’s why I rely on other concepts and methods – honest, fair and fun. In this way, training really does help everyone. All trainings are conducted in either German or English.

Occupational safety

No company can do without the statutory safety instructions on the subject of occupational health and safety. However, you will not receive training from me in which employees boredly follow theoretical talk and immediately forget what has been said. It is much more a matter of finding out exactly which hot spots exist in your company. Why, for example, do accidents happen for unclear reasons? What deficits does your company have in terms of occupational safety?

We clarify what training and counselling needs you have and go beyond the classic basic work in the areas of first aid, fire protection, ladders and steps, youth protection, maternity protection, psychological stress and combine this with other aspects that will really help you in your entrepreneurship and your employees.

My fields of activity

  • Instruction as “training on the job”
  • How do I instruct correctly as a manager?
  • Annual instruction in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Instruction Hygiene & Health
  • Internal shelf inspector

Professional driver training

Unfortunately, too little importance is often attached to this topic, considering that trucks are responsible for about 80 percent of transport services in Germany. And this only succeeds smoothly if the drivers know what they are doing.

Analogous to the modular trainer training, I train male and female truck drivers in specific topics, because their quality makes the difference on the road – away from the mainstream towards more individuality and practice. I support you in the daily “madness” and raise awareness of the important issues so that accidents are avoided.

My fields of activity

  • Economic driving
  • Labour and social law
  • Automotive engineering
  • Driver’s workplace
  • Load securing

Professional drivers primarily transport their passengers, whether in regular service buses, coaches or school buses. Ensuring the safety of the passengers and being the master of the situation and the vehicle are the basic rules that must always be observed.
Even when things get tight, no matter what manoeuvres are in store with the bus or wherever the journey takes us. Professional with heart, tie and a high sense of responsibility. These are our bus drivers!
And the following further training offer is intended for professionals.

My fields of activity

  • Economic driving
  • Driver’s workplace
  • Safety for passengers, drivers and luggage
  • Driving and rest times in everyday life
  • Reduce stress / master emergencies

Fire protection

A fire often starts faster than you think – due to a technical defect or careless working – and sometimes has devastating consequences for companies and people.

Fire protection is multi-faceted and can be found in many areas of daily life. The requirements for fire protection are based on a multitude of legal regulations, laws, ordinances and guidelines. Through targeted training, both operational and economic costs can be reduced and accidents and injuries caused by fires can be prevented.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training for fire protection assistants
  • Refresher training for fire protection assistants
  • Employee training
  • Training-on-the-job incl. counselling

Vehicle fleet

They wear orange, make our cities and communities more beautiful and safe to drive on in winter. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without building yards, waste disposal companies and road maintenance services, and yet they are all too often taken for granted.

Far be it from me to transfer content from other training courses 1:1 to the municipal sector, because I don’t give you an X for an U. I’m not a driver. Of course, employees in municipalities and cities also drive trucks, but not in connection with freight transport, so it is important to me that they receive tailor-made content that they really need, for example driving safety training for winter road maintenance or how to load vehicles correctly.

My fields of activity

  • Economical driving for municipal vehicles
  • Labour and social law for municipal enterprises
  • Truck safety for municipal operations
  • Professional and healthy work in summer and winter service
  • Load securing for municipal operations

Your fleet of vehicles is growing steadily and the responsibilities are also increasing more and more in recent years. There is now a great deal of legal information that needs to be taken into account.

I provide basic information and background on these topics and train on keeper obligations and liability for entrepreneurs, fleet managers and drivers.

My fields of activity

  • Instruction and counselling

Industrial Trucks & Machines

Every day, thousands of them are in use in our companies – industrial trucks. And of course they are operated by people who, according to the law, have to be further educated and trained at regular intervals.

I work both at the grassroots level and beyond to raise awareness among those responsible in the field. In on-site coaching, live and in day-to-day business, I observe what you need to increase occupational safety. I also train employees to operate certain machines.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training
  • Advanced training courses
  • Instruction
  • Coaching and counselling

When the ladder is no longer sufficient, aerial work platforms are used. They are actually quite easy to operate, but they often pose a risk of accident that should not be underestimated and that should be minimised right from the start.

I train and instruct the operators in how to handle the equipment safely and directly eliminate possible sources of accidents. This ranges from basic work to the legally obligatory annual instruction.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training
  • Advanced training courses
  • Intensive training
  • Instruction

They are used on almost every large construction site and in agriculture – telescopic handlers. However, handling a telescopic handler, whether with a rigid or moving telescopic arm, involves considerable risks and dangers of which the operator must be aware.

I train and instruct the operators in how to handle the equipment safely and directly eliminate possible sources of accidents. This ranges from basic work to the legally obligatory annual instruction. In coaching, we define what you need to increase the occupational safety of your employees who operate telescopic handlers. All training courses are conducted in either German or English.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training
  • Advanced training courses
  • Instruction
  • Coaching and counselling

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

In each inspection body, the appropriate qualification of inspectors and assigned persons shall be ensured and promoted. This includes, among other things, IBC expertise courses and regular further education and training.

My fields of activity

  • Further training for authorised persons
  • Refresher training for authorised persons
  • Packaging training
  • Training-on-the-job incl. counselling

Transporting hazardous goods involves a great deal of responsibility. As an external dangerous goods safety advisor, I support you in an advisory, instructional and supervisory capacity. I instruct drivers, order pickers and unloaders on storage, fire protection and occupational safety and create loading and work instructions in this context.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training for authorised persons
  • Refresher training for authorised persons
  • Employee training on dangerous goods based on chapter 1.3 ADR
  • Training and advice for companies and businesses in dealing with small quantities and exemptions
  • Creation of company-specific loading and work instructions
  • Service as external dangerous goods safety adviser
  • On-the-job training incl. counselling

Load securing

Unsecured or incorrectly secured cargo can become a source of accidents on the motorway, in rail or shipping traffic and endanger human lives. It is therefore all the more important that employees, specialists and managers master the basics of load securing and, for example, check work equipment that is subject to inspection.

I provide you with concrete advice on the organisation of landing safety in your company – from the preparation of expert reports to packaging inspections. My goal is to ensure that all employees, managers and decision-makers have the necessary understanding and thus contribute to greater safety. All training courses are held in German or English.

My fields of activity

  • Basic training VDI 2700
  • Refresher training VDI 2700
  • Employee training loading
  • Load securing for managers
  • Basic training Container/CTU
  • Refresher training Container/CTU
  • Transport safety for cars and vans
  • Training of competent persons for the testing of “vehicle superstructures
  • Training of competent persons for the inspection of “load securing equipment
  • Shipper advice for a legally compliant load securing organisation
  • Packaging testing and advice
  • Load securing consultation hour and emergency telephone